Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break!!!

We had a amazing spring break!!!! It stared with Clarissa's Birthday! She's 15! Clarissa's so talented. She had just gotten home from All-State Coir (you can see her stylish shirt!!!) She's so amazing!!! Then, we went to Salt Lake. We had an amazing time!!! We went to the Aquarium with the Cobians, and Roller Skating with the Johnsons! (It was a little crazy!) None of us had ever been before except my parents and Clarissa. We also went to Temple square. Here's Hyrum Next to the statue of Himself!

It was so pretty there! (It was kind of sad coming home to freezing weather and snow after this!)

The best part was we got to take a ture of the conference center!!! It was so amazing to see in side! We also got to go to the roof! here's a picture I took from the top of the conference center!

When we got home we had Chicks waiting for us. My dad got them for the boys! Everyone was excited!
The chicks also got some visitors! Lili and Ruben came to see the chicks!
And that is the end of our exciting spring break adventure!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Mane Event!

Lately, I've been wanting to straighten my mom's hair! But, being the lovely, hardworking, amazing person she is she told me that she didn't have time to sit down for such a long time just for her hair. (Don't you wish you could be like that) Anyway, I finally convinced her to let me do it durning General Conference! It was so fun and she looked so pretty! Here is my mom looking stunningly beautifull! After my mom's hair, we decided to do all of our hair! My mom used curlers in Liberty's and my hair. Except (thanks to my lovely very very strait hair) my hair didn't work out well but Liberty's looks so pretty!
I curled Clarissa's with a curling iron it looked sooooo pretty!!!

And that, is the mane event at our house!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Tale of Two Cakes

On Saturday, Carolina and I made carrot cake!!! Carolina decided that the cake batter was a kingdom. She told me that the cinnamon were The good guys and the salt were the bad guys. (It was very interesting!) Also, the carrots were the princesses, and the flower was the princes trying to rescue the princesses. Next She decided that the raisins were boats and the nuts were the scuba divers! It was getting exiting by then and she was getting an audience!
Carolina's awesome! She reminds me of myself! I love her!!!!

Here is Carolina after making the cake! (she wanted to make sure that she didn't get her clothes dirty and insisted on wearing two aprons!)

She's a nut, and I love her! :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Supper Easy Bun with Headband!

I love this do! and it is relay soooo easy! It also works best if her hair is wet.
First I pulled back her bangs (Carolina is growing out her bangs right now, sorry all my hair dos have pulling her bangs up!) I used bobby pins but you also could put it in a ponytail. Also, if she wants her bangs down I would just skip this step. Next, I pulled all her hair into a high ponytail.

And, when I put the ponytail in I made it into a loop-bun.

Next I pulled out the hair. I put in a few bobby pins but if it stays you don't need to.

Next I put on a stretchy headband. But, if you don't have one you could just use ribbon.
And...Tada! your done!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rose Hair Bow

I love these bows!! There sooo easy and they only take like five minutes!! All you need is a long strip of fabric, a hot glue gun and a bobby pin.

First, tear a long strip of fabric and tie a knot in the middle

Next fold the strip in half at the knot, twist the ends together and start to twist around, getting looser the more you twist.
Keep twisting until its as big as you want it. Then, glue the end behind the flower.

Next I glued three beads in the middle of the rose. Next I glued a bobby pin to the back.

And than your done!!! :)


French Braded Bun with Ribbons!

This is one of my favorite hair dos! I found it here and I think it's sooo cute!! This is also the hair do that I did on Lili when she got baptised!

First I put up her bangs with a little rubber band.

Next I put the top half of her hair in a ponytail to keep it out of the way!

Next I divided the remaining hair in half and french braided up. It is easiest if she puts her head down whale you do this!

Then I pulled all the hair into a high ponytail!

Next, I cut a long peace of thin ribbon and big plastic needle. and put the ribbon through the braid!
Than doing one side at a time I cris crossed the ribbon through the braid and up through the ponytail.

Next twist the hair into a bun, and tie a bow at the top with the extra ribbon!

Now your done!!!!! I really love this one! also with Carolina's short hair it's hard to make high ponytails with it falling out! Also, I've made this without the ribbon and it's really cute all by its self!

Isn't she pretty?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Easter Flowers!!!

This year my amazing mother decided to sew us all (except Clarissa's she bout hers) Easter dresses!!! and I found this pattern and made us flowers with the extra fabric! It was realy easy!!!

first I cut five, 4" by 4" squares and a long 2" wide strip out of knit fabric. (my strip was 44" but it dosen't have to be exact)
Next I folded a square in halve and stitched along the edge, use very long thread!!!
Thean gather the square to make a peatal!!!!

Tie a knot, but DO NOT cut the thread. Without cutting the thread go to the next peatal, gather and tie a knot.
Once you gather all five peatals tie an knot to make a loop of peatals. don't cut the thread put aside the peatals leaving the thread long.
Next I folded the knit strp in half and cut little slits along the whole length of the strip.

Next wind the strip into a roll, and use the thread (still attached to the ring of peatals) to go thrugh the roll. I made my roll a little big!!! and had a little problem with my needle!!!! so I used hot glue instead.
my sad needle!!!
Next I used the extra thread and stitched (or if you have an extra large middle like mine use hot glue) the middle to the peatals!!
Now use hot glue to attach a hair clip or you can sew it to a bag, or shirt or any thing you want!!!

Now your finished!!!!! :)
Here are the other ones I made! for the pink and white one, my middle is way smaller I only used a 20" strip.

THE END!!!!!