Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break!!!

We had a amazing spring break!!!! It stared with Clarissa's Birthday! She's 15! Clarissa's so talented. She had just gotten home from All-State Coir (you can see her stylish shirt!!!) She's so amazing!!! Then, we went to Salt Lake. We had an amazing time!!! We went to the Aquarium with the Cobians, and Roller Skating with the Johnsons! (It was a little crazy!) None of us had ever been before except my parents and Clarissa. We also went to Temple square. Here's Hyrum Next to the statue of Himself!

It was so pretty there! (It was kind of sad coming home to freezing weather and snow after this!)

The best part was we got to take a ture of the conference center!!! It was so amazing to see in side! We also got to go to the roof! here's a picture I took from the top of the conference center!

When we got home we had Chicks waiting for us. My dad got them for the boys! Everyone was excited!
The chicks also got some visitors! Lili and Ruben came to see the chicks!
And that is the end of our exciting spring break adventure!!!


  1. Looks lovely. Too bad those cute chicks will turn into ugly chickens.


  2. Your spring break sounded amazing! What fun things you did. I'm jealous that you got chickens. They're my favorite animal, because they don't eat too much, don't smell too much, don't live too long, and give me eggs. Besides, I think it's funny when they peck your toes.